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I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

Actually, I’ll just be late for work – again.  It’s always a bad idea for me to get online while I’m eating breakfast, but there is just too much that happens while I’m sleeping for me to just get up, eat, get dressed and leave the house.  I always feel compelled to read something, send an email or post a comment, which always seems to take much longer than it actually should.

Oops! Look at  the time! Gotta go!


How do you know that a hacker hasn’t passed through your network unnoticed?

If a hacker knows what he’s doing, his malicious code won’t match any intrusion detection or anti-virus signatures; his covert outbound network communication will match the activity profile of your network; and after he’s done raiding all of your company’s information, he’ll delete his tools from your systems.  If you were to check your system and network logs tomorrow morning, what evidence would you have that he was on your network?