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Do you know someone who needs to learn more about computer security and hacking?

One of the reasons why hacking continues to be a problem, is because a lot of people don’t understand computer security, or how what they do puts themselves or an organization at risk for compromise.  If you know people like this – friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances or customers, you may want to let them know about my book, OWNED: Why hacking continues to be a problem. The book is a quick read and will teach them everything they need to know about computer security and hacking. After reading the book, you’ll notice a big difference in their knowledge and attitude about security. They can preview the first 18 pages of the book for free without having to register or sign up for anything. The book is only $9.99 (US) and comes in many formats, including Kindle (.mobi), Epub, Palm Doc (PDB) and LRF (Sony Reader). Even if they don’t have an ebook reader, they can continue to read the book online in HTML or download the PDF version.

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