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“We are experiencing damaging penetrations — damaging in the sense of loss of information. And we don’t fully understand our vulnerabilities,” [ James ] Miller said.

May 22, 2010 3 comments

The above is a quote posted in an article up on Reuters by Dr. James N. Miller, Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, during a forum on Cyber Warfare hosted by Ogilvy Exchange. In the Government Computer News article about the forum, it quotes him as saying,

“The cyber threat has outpaced our ability to defend against it,” he said. “We still are learning” the extent of our dependency on these networks and the scope of the threats against them. “We still see significant gaps and vulnerabilities. We don’t fully understand them, but we’re learning.

Who, exactly, are the “we” that he is referring too? There are many within the U.S. government and the Department of Defense that know exactly where they are vulnerable, why they are vulnerable, the real threat associated with the millions of probes/scans he refers to in the article, and what can be done to improve the security posture of networks and computers. They have known about these things for many years.

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