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ZeuS Crimeware Botnets: Interesting and In-depth Articles

What do you know about ZeuS crimeware botnets? I wanted to refresh my memory about certain details and decided to put together a list of articles that people might find interesting. It’s amazing how bits and pieces of information are scattered everywhere and that a person needs to read practically everything available to fully comprehend what this is all about.  What I find most disturbing, is that variants of this Trojan still continue to thrive despite all the information that is known about it.  There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

Hyper Security (Blog)

Dissecting Zeus Botnet… (Web page)


The “Kneber” BotNet – A ZeuS Discovery and Analysis whitepaper (PDF – Basic email registration required to download)

NetWitness Blog: Kneber Update (Web page – An attempt to set the record straight)


ZeuS Banking Trojan Report (Web page)


Zeus: King of Bots (PDF)

Zeus, King of the Underground Crimeware Toolkits (Web page with video)

Threat Expert (Blog)

Time to Revisit Zeus Almighty (Web page – Great read about disassembling and decryption)

Trend Micro

The ZeuS, ZBOT and Kneber Connection (Web page)


The Kneber botnet – FAQ (Web page)

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