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If your Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo password is hacked, you need to do more than just change the password

June 18, 2010 1 comment

It seems like a lot of people’s online email accounts are getting hacked these days, with no clear indication of how the hackers are obtaining passwords. If you suspect or know your account has been hacked, change your password. If you haven’t changed your password within 30 days of this post, change it now – just in case hackers already have your password but haven’t used it yet. There are some other things you may want to consider doing as well:

1. Change your security question and/or the answer to the question. Don’t make the answer something that can be successfully guessed. If possible, make the answer so obscure, that it’s impossible to guess.  For favorite color, for example, don’t use the primary colors. Use something like “ripe tomato” for red, “banana boat” for yellow or “Mountain Berry Blast” for blue. Don’t use a question that can be answered by viewing your Facebook or blog page.

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