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OWNED now available on

My ebook, OWNED: Why hacking continues to be a problem, is now available on I’ve been patiently waiting for Smashwords to resolve its ebook “meatgrinder” issues with Amazon, so that I only have to deal with one publishing channel, but almost two months have passed and I’ve read no word of any progress.

Adding the book into Amazon was incredibly easy.  I signed into the Digital Text Platform site, completed the “Add new item” form and then uploaded the book and cover. After uploading the book, I made sure it looked okay in the Kindle preview window and then clicked the “Publish” button. It took less than 10 minutes. It does take 2-3 days for the book to be buyable, but that’s not a big deal.

I’m really interested in seeing how the book is going to do on Amazon. In a way, the delay was good, because it gave me a chance to establish an online presence through this blog and Twitter.

If you’re interested in previewing the book but don’t have a Kindle, there is Kindle for PC and of course you can preview and purchase the book in many different ebook formats (including Kindle) at The book is also available on the iPad through iBooks.


Unauthorized Ethical Hacking: No good deed goes unpunished

June 29, 2010 1 comment

Some of you may not know this, but an individual needs permission from a company to ethically hack its assets, perform penetration tests or look for vulnerabilities within Web applications.  A person can’t just hack a company’s Website, socially engineer their employees or do Web-based drive by malware installs under the guise of protecting the public’s interests. Doing so will only get the person into trouble – not only with the company, but law enforcement as well.

What people need to realize, is that 15 minutes of fame is not going to prevent them from getting into trouble. Law enforcement is going to pounce on them like a jungle cat on a mouse. If they’re really unlucky, law enforcement will already be monitoring their target and they’ll be arrested as soon as they successfully hack something.

If you know someone that is thinking of becoming a superstar by hacking some company’s Website, please do the person a favor and try to talk the person out of it.