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Lieberman and Cybersecurity: What’s your advice?

The Internet is buzzing with Paul Joseph Watson’s story, Cybersecurity Lie Exposed: Power Plants Are Not Connected To The Internet, that states “… the primary purpose of cybersecurity and [ Senator Joseph ] Lieberman’s legislation is to combat a problem that doesn’t exist.”

In my blog post, National Cybersecurity, Politicians, Black Hat Magic and White Lies (June 22, 2010),  I questioned “…how many of these lawmakers truly understand the issues beyond what they are being told?” Now that Paul’s story has hit the streets, are lawmakers going to re-evaluate their position on Cybersecurity and decide to take a different course of action? Are they going to stand down U.S. Cyber Command, reconsider President Obama’s ability to switch off the Internet or withdraw any of the other Cyberlegislation that has been put forth?

If a story like Paul’s gets a lawmaker’s attention, the lawmaker is going to turn to his group of trusted advisers and ask if the story has any merit. The advisers are going to review the story to determine what research the author did and what facts are presented to support the author’s position. Put yourself in an adviser’s position, re-read the story and ask yourself, “What would I advise a lawmaker to do after reading this story?”

  1. August 12, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Very interesting. We had a utility company as a client for one of my former employers. I was assigned to them for IT support for about 15 years. Their SCADA system was not connected to anything except the SCADA system. The main SCADA server was in a locked room with no external incoming lines at all. No removeable media was allowed in the room. And only two employees were authorized to even be in the room.

    And this was 5 – 10 years ago before a lot of the “Cyber Scare”…

    The scary part though is how the grid was interconnected at the time. Not sure if it still is, but one blackout, I think it was in New England, caused a rolling blackout across parts of the North East. And it wasn’t a hacker in the Scada system….

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